Lectio 365 night time prayers

lectio365 night time prayers devotional

This has been a game-changer in our home!

My 9-year-old daughter has struggled, particularly this year (no surprises there) to get to sleep, often spending a long time thinking of things, often anxiously.

Last week, the excellent Lectio365 created by Pete Grieg and the 24/7Prayer team with CWR, launched Night Prayers.

We started using it each night with my daughter, and she is hooked!

It’s an eight-minute recording (you can also read it, but the gentle voice and music are wonderful!), and it moves through the pattern of prayer known as Examen.

It uses scripture, mostly psalms, to guide you through a reflection on your day and connect with God and his peace.

I’ve often wondered if their morning resource would work for my children, but whenever I’ve played it with them, they’ve not wanted to listen for long. However, the Night Prayers are just what my eldest needed. It’s difficult to describe the level of peace and contentment in the room when I do this with my daughter, but I think I can say this will be part of our nighttime routine for a long while.

You should try it! It’s free!