Review: Jesus and the Children

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lost sheep book about Jesus and the children blessing

Title: Jesus and the Children

By: Andrew McDonough

Price: £6.99

Published by and available from: Sarah Grace / Malcolm Down

Good for: children age 0 – 11

Best bit: Jesus affirming his love of children

And the child who arrives on a skate board!

Worst bit: My children love it too much! Especially the skateboard, and how Jesus tells off the disciples!

More thoughts:

I remember discovering Andrew McDonough’s Lost Sheep series at a Hand in hand conference a few years ago. Andrew was speaking, and his talk was electric – he has such a brilliant way with words and is a great story teller. But more than that, he wanted to give us his magic – to enable us to become great story tellers too!

I love the Lost Sheep books, as I can ‘hear’ Andrew’s Aussie voice reading them!

Better still, there’s really solid Bible stories, simply written and boldly illustrated in a way which helps us connect with the story. He’s got an odd mix of Jesus dressed in traditional first century clothes with disciples who look like they’re from a YMCA video!

There’s not many Christian publishers still making short Bible story books for children, these are good!

You can read the story here along with downloads to go with the book.