My favourite nativity scenes

Happyland nativity

My name is Victoria and I’m a nativity scene addict. There. I’ve said it.

I just love nativity sets, especially ones which everyone can touch, play with and enjoy. There are some lovely ones about, and although it may seem like quite a bit of money, I’ve found this is one of the best ways to engage my family in the story of Christmas. The key is having something which can be played with, used to tell, explore and respond to the story. Here are some ideas of things you can do. 

And now on to sharing my favourite sets with you:

Check out this natural gorgeous hand-carved one or this colourful one.

Here’s a cheap but nice wooden version from Flying Tiger

Here are some that are colourful. I’ve used a similar one when doing the Godly Play version of the Holy Family story with one and two-year-olds at nursery, and this Fisherprice one is lovely.

This nativity in a box is so sweet! Perfect for a small space or to take with you if you go away this Christmas.

I totally love this Russian doll nativity and my girls adore taking it out and putting it all away again (Just don’t think too hard about the sizes of the various characters or the theology of which fits inside!).

For those, like me, who may already have enough scenes for every flat surface in their home, here’s Nativity Baubles!

Or a nativity puzzle. Spiritual and fine motor development in one toy!

And of course, there’s always the Playmobil one with loads of pieces and the simpler 123 Playmobil one for toddlers – we’ll be using this one in our Pocket Advent Bunting but you could use any pockets to make your own Pocket Advent Calendar.

Which one will you add to your home this year?

For more ideas and Activities to explore at Christmas visit my 50 Faith at home ideas for Christmas here.