The best Easter books for children

In the run up to Easter, there’s always lots of questions about good Easter books for children, so here’s my list of my favourite Easter books, with notes saying what I like about each and what age I’d most likely use them with. I hope it helps you choose the best Easter books for your family, and maybe even one for yourself!

I’ve started with ones which are good for toddlers, and grouped them roughly by age group, but as with all things, you know your child best so you’ll be able to spot books which will work best for them.

The Easter fix small book for under 5s by the Good Book Company

The Easter Fix book with a picture of four people from the Easter storyThe Easter Fix by Steph Williams is a fab little book (I like it because it’s square!) has a SUPER simple version of the Easter story, with nice pictures, and excellent use of colours, fonts and blank space to communicate visually (essential for younger reader) the amazing thing which happened to Jesus. As with all Good Book books, it brings us into story, making the connection because Jesus and us, saying that because Jesus came alive again (I love how she uses this phrase rather than ‘rose from the dead’) one everything will be fixed for ever, with a picture which shows this visually.

I’d say it’s for toddlers and upwards, as my 8 and 9 year old both liked it. The images are not baby-ish and the story is well told.
Only £2.54

The way of the Cross by Andrew McDonough (part of the Lost Sheep series), is a wonderful book, with bold illustrations, tracking the details of the Easter story from Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane to his burial in the tomb. It’s the parts of the Easter story often omitted from children’s story books, but Andrew does his usual excellent job of tackling hard theology and getting it across well.

This books works well for under 5s, but also for 5-8s and older people too!

It really like this series – it’s easy to read, but has more depth than you first expect. As always, there’s page of notes in the back for parents, and it also lists the fourteen traditional stations of the cross with Bible references to look up.

Only £5.99

children's Easter story book with the story told from the perspective of two donkeys who encounter JesusDave the Donkey by Andrew McDonough (part of the Lost Sheep series), is just a fab book! It is a conversation between Dave the donkey and his grandpa. It turns out that his grandpa had carried Mary when she travelled with Joseph to Bethlehem, while Dave carried Jesus into Jerusalem just before his death on the cross.

This books works well for under 5s, but also for 5-8s and older people too!

I know it sounds like it’s too funny to take the Easter story seriously, but actually it does! Andrew does a great job of combining humour and holiness. You’ll have to read it to find out! Or watch this video of Andrew reading it here.
Only £5.99


The seriously surprising story book cover - great rhyming story of the road to EmmausThe Seriously Surprising Story by Dai Woolridge is a brilliantly told, cleverly illustrated story of the two Jesus-followers on the road to Emmaus (which happens to be a personal favourite story of mine!). It’s rhyming, but not corny, with lovely illustration by Emma Skerratt. It has a ‘re-cap’ of the life of Jesus as well as his place in the story of God’s people, as the ‘stranger’ on the road chats with the two disciples (one of which is a woman, which I like, as the Bible doesn’t say which gender they were and it helps to make us ladies feel more included in the story).
Only £2 


The Last Supper details Jesus' last meal with this followers, a crucial part of the Easter story

The Last Supper by Katherine Sully is a simple but lovely story telling of Jesus’ Passover meal with his followers on the night he was arrested. It shows very clearly how Jesus went intentionally to Jerusalem, as was his custom, to celebrate Passover. It includes the turning over of the tables in the temple, and the illustrations give a good idea of a Passover meal, and the words help connect Jesus’ words and actions with our contemporary communion rituals.

It ends with Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane, which would mean it works well as a part of the story book, which I really like.

You could lead on to reading…

The Easter Story by Katherine Sully which details the rest of the story.

Good used version available from only £1!

On That Easter Morning, a beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully told childrens' book of the Easter story

On That Easter Morning by Elena Pasquali was recommended to me in a Godly Play online group, and this book provides the gentle, thoughtful, and beautiful telling of the Easter story which I hoped for.  The images are really very wonderful, especially of the risen Jesus, who is pictured in a garden full of plant and animal life. I also like how there is more than one resurrection story – the women in the garden and a picture of Peter meeting Jesus on the beach. It doesn’t shy away from telling the story of the crucifixion, but does so in a reflective and gentle way, with images which stir compassion not horror.

This is one I look forward to reading over and over again.

Hardback and only £9.99


The Mystery of The Empty Tomb


Clever little book with the Easter story and things to do woven into it

Easter Family Time by Lucy Moore with Martyn Payne and Jane Leadbetter is a gorgeous little book which cleverly tells the Easter story, while also asking questions to think and chat about and puzzles to do and things to fill in.

Every pages tells a bit of the story, but also has pictures and things to fill in – it packs quite a punch for a small book (10cm square).

Only £2.50 or less in packs

Cover of the book Super Cool Story of Jesus

The Super Cool Story of Jesus
This little book is from the Bible Society, written by Dai Woolridge and illustrated beautifully by Emma Randall. It tells the story of Jesus, including his life and teaching using a simple, repeated line about how Jesus did everything ‘to show us how the Father loves’. It has the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection then brings us up to date with us, and how Jesus shows us how the Father loves. I like it a lot – it even comes with a video.
Only £2

The Story of King Jesus, a hardback Easter story book which takes the story from Genesis through to revelation

The Story of King Jesus by Ben Irwin tells the story of Jesus from the beginning – the garden of Eden and takes it right through a super-fast summary of the Bible, showing how king Jesus’ death means that we can be God’s people again. I particularly like how it shows the purpose of Jesus’ death without a heavy emphasis on sin and atonement theory, which can be hard work for young children to comprehend, and is only one way of explaining the reason Jesus died.

Good quality used copies for at little as £1.50

My Easter Egg Hunt is a wonderful book created by a Christian Mum in response to children’s questions about Easter. In it a child discovers why Good Friday is called good, and others questions.
The story follows a child through the preparation and celebrating of Easter, and she speaks to different people and hears their thoughts on why Easter is important to them.
It’s quite different from other Easter books and my children really like it! I’d recommend it to you.
Only £4.57

The Third Day is a gritty graphic novel of the story of Jesus' death and resurrection

The Third Day by Alex Webb-Peploe illustrated by Jago (from the Jesus Bible story book) is a gripping, gritty graphic novel of the Easter story. Including direct quotes from the Bible, this is a great book for older children and adults. The details of the story are great, and there’s a good level of suspense as you approach the third day. The joy of the women and the disciples is palpable – I love it, but would recommend it for older children (mine at 8 and 9 find the illustrations too gritty).

Good used copies from £3.74