Pancake prayers


It’s always good to thank God for the good things in our lives. Here’s a fun and simple way to pray while eating yummy pancakes.

Add sugar (or something else sweet, chocolate spread…mmmm) to your pancake and thank God for something ‘sweet’ or good in your life.

God intended life to be good, but it is often mixed with tears.* Add lemon juice to your pancake. Tell God about something ‘bitter’ or difficult in your life.

*This concept is taken from one element of the Jewish Passover service, where contrasting emotions are remembered. For example, the plagues are remembered as part of the process of the freedom of the Jewish slaves but are also remembered with sadness due to the devastating results for the Egyptian people. You can see our family Passover service sheet which includes how Jesus is signposted by the Passover lamb, the broken bread and the wine poured out. Read here about my preparation for Passover, and if you’d like to explore Passover more, I’ve made a Passover Pack, full of information, activities and lots of fun stuff to help you explore Passover for yourself.