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All about Explore Passover

Everything you need to explore Passover, the story, the traditions, the symbolism and how it relates to your faith.

After checkout you will have access to pdfs downloads and webpages to help you and your family explore Passover and deepen your understanding of Jesus and the events we remember at Easter.

The materials are available in a variety of formats so that you can choose to use them in the way which suits you best:

  1. A 39 page pdf download with six sections to explore (see below)
  2. GodVenture Seder Plate Activities, 10 page pdf with activities to explore the contents of the seder plate and some of the meaning of the items on it
  3. A series of webpages, including videos and links not accessible in the download, available via a link and password available straight after you buy your online ‘ticket’

When you have bought your ‘ticket’, you will receive an email which will give you access to all three routes, and you are free to use whichever works best for you.

The materials include information to read, videos to watch and activities to do together, and includes:

Menu – to help you find the things you want to explore

Welcome – How it works, how you can get the most out of it

  1. The Story – Reading and re-telling the Exodus story – Why this is helpful and ideas for different ways of doing it
  2. The Seder Plate – How symbols help us and what the things on the plate symbolise
  3. Wine – The Four Cups and what they symbolize
  4. Bread – An exploration of the links between matzah (flat bred of Passover), manna and the bread of the presence
  5. Hebrew – Looking at letters, words and a couple of the Passover blessings in Hebrew
  6. Jesus and Passover – A surprising look at Jesus and the Passover

This structure or menu means if you prefer going ‘off piste’, you can jump in and out, exploring the things which are most interesting and relevant to you.

This is not aimed at being an end-to-end expert Passover course, but rather a workshop which gives you some info and some ideas for you to explore more with your family.

When your payment has gone through, you will receive your email giving you a link to download the pdf downloads and a password to access all the online materials.

Your ticket is a ‘lifetime membership’ which means you will have access to everything both this year and all the new things which are created in the future.

A Jewish friend reviewed this material for me, especially looking out for things which were offensive to Jews, as I was concerned about replacement theology and suchlike. She gave me some things to change, and also said: “This is very creative, well-researched, and thoughtful! They are so rich with ideas, and are really inclusive and flexible.” Thank you LJ 🙂

1 review for Explore Passover

  1. 5 out of 5


    A wonderful ‘one-stop-shop’ for Christian families wanting to explore this rich tradition that would have been so familiar to Jesus. Passover is becoming a standard part of our Holy Week activities, and this workshop gives us fodder to deepen the tradition and understanding every year. I like how you can pick and choose, do as little or as much as you want or have time for, and the whole thing is laid out very accessibly.

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