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This Online Workshop is hosted on a secret webpage and a Facebook group. The webpage acts as a menu, providing a path through a variety of articles, videos, activities and resources. These will also be posted to the Facebook group which means you can access the whole course either via the website or Facebook or a combination of both. There will also be four Facebook Live videos during Lent where you can interact, ask questions and give your thoughts.


The workshop includes:

Welcome to the Workshop – How it works, how you can get the most out of it

1 The Story – Reading and re-telling the Exodus story – why this is helpful and ideas for different ways of doing it

2 The Seder Plate – How symbols help us and what the things on the plate symbolise

3 Wine – The Four Cups and what they symbolize

4 Bread – An exploration of the links between matzah (flat bred of Passover), manna and the bread of the presence

5 Hebrew – Looking at letters, words and a couple of the Passover blessings in Hebrew

6 Jesus and Passover – A surprising look at Jesus and the Passover

This structure or menu means if you prefer going ‘off piste’, you can jump in and out, exploring the things which are most interesting and relevant to you.


This is not aimed at being an end-to-end expert Passover course, but rather a workshop which gives you some info and some ideas for you to explore more with your family. The offering is a curated collection of info, activities, resources which you can use to deepen your experience of Passover, in whatever way you celebrate it in your family.


If you would like to join the workshop, you can purchase your ticket here, making sure you include the email and name under which you are registered on Facebook so you can be invited to join the secret group.

You will then have access to all the materials as they are put up, both while the workshop is ‘live’ and also afterwards, including in future years as more content is added.

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1 review for Passover – GodVenture Online Workshop

  1. Sarah

    Such a great way to explore the celebration of Passover, with great practical ideas of how to involve the whole family. Passover is now a special feature of our yearly Easter celebrations!

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