Praying with Christmas lights


This is a simple adaption of something lots of families do each year: Go and see the lights.

I remember when I was little, occasionally my Dad would take us in the car to central London to drive through all the busy, light-decorated streets. It was a highlight of our Christmas season.

With my own children, we are always on the look out for houses and roads where people are really going for it with their Christmas lights, and my kids have a code they shout in the car when they see lights with Santa.

This activity is simple:

1 Decide in advance four different blessings for four different types of Christmas lights.

For example, when you see:

  • Father Christmas, pray for God’s gift of joy in that house
  • Snowmen, pray for warmth in family relationships
  • Stockings, pray for God to surprise them with good things in the year ahead
  • Animals, pray for a blessing on their friendships

2 Walk or drive around, pausing to pray a blessing when you see lights!