Christmas Story Cards


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All about Christmas Story Cards

25 mini cards each with a sentence of the Christmas story, packed in a cloth bag. Plus a download with instructions and ideas.

If you have a Pockets Advent Calendar, or are planning to make one, and want to put a piece of the Christmas story in each pocket, this product it for you.

Having made my own for a few years, I know it can take ages to write the Christmas story into sections which can fit into 24 pockets. So I’ve done a version this year you can buy, and it comes in a little cloth bag which means you’ll be able to keep the cards with your Christmas decorations and use them again next year. You could also use them to do a story treasure hunt or other games.

Each card has one sentence of the Christmas story in order (unless you put them in a different order for fun), and there’s a downloadable sheet with some ideas of things you could do with the pockets. There’s the obvious: Add chocolate. Always a winner. Unless you’re allergic of course. But what about finding little items which relate to each sentence of the story? I’ve given you a list of suggestions in case you get stuck 🙂

The cards are half the size of a standard business card so they fit into even quite tiny pockets.

The instructions come as a downloadable file which is available after the checkout.


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