Generosity Challenge Poster


Inspire your family to be more generous with this bold A2 poster + 40 stickers!

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All about Generosity Challenge Poster

Get this beautiful, bold A2 poster and get drawn into the fun of the Generosity Challenge. With 40 fun ways to be generous, you’ll be surprised how quickly everyone gets involved. Pop it up on your wall and see how many of the activities you can do, adding one of the colourful stickers to the chart each time you complete one.

There’s no time limit and no-one watching to see how you get, so make your own rules – add a sticker when anyone does an activity – it doesn’t have to be all of you! Add a sticker to one that’s too tricky for you when you’ve done another one twice. Do it with friends and let everyone’s actions count. Or get your friends a poster too and have a race to see who can finish theirs first!

Activities range from really simple ideas like smiling at three people today or sharing the remote control to giving chocolate to the bin men or raising money for a charity. They’ve all been designed with busy families like yours in mind, and there’s some great tips on how to use the challenge in a way which is life enhancing and doesn’t feel like homework!

There’s even a QR code/weblink with some free downloadable resources to help you, including with specific activities:

  • a compliment poster
  • notes you could leave
  • instructions on how to make paper flowers

Please note that this poster is the same of the A3 version inside the Generosity mini-mag, which comes with 10 fun activities to explore generosity and the story of the widow’s mite as a family PLUS a family devotional download.

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