GodVenture through the story of Lazarus


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All about GodVenture through the story of Lazarus

A 32 page, full colour, family activity sticker book with over 200 stickers!

Have fun exploring the story of Lazarus together as you explore the Bible passages and take the Dwelling in the Story Challenge!

Each activity has:

  • a creative way for you to read a Bible passage together as a family
  • a way to pray together
  • something to help include children under 5
  • open-ended questions about the passage to think and chat about (suitable for everyone especially older children and adults)
  • a way to use the 200+ stickers

There are also tips to help you ‘dwell in the story’, taking it slowly and exploring each part.

The Dwelling in the Story Challenge poster has 40 days of tiny readings to do together and open-ended questions to help you practice ‘dwelling in the story’. Every few days, there’s a link to a related page in the book.

A GodVenture through the story of Lazarus is a brilliant way to do Lent together as a family. However, it works well at any time of year, and is really accessible for any family wanting to explore the Lazarus story together in a contemplative way.

The book has been produced in partnership with the Diocese of Oxford, who have also produced Abundant Life (available here), a book for adults exploring the same story.



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