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All about Psalm Bingo download

Have fun playing Psalm Bingo with Psalm 121!

Simply spin the spinner and read the verse shown on it from the psalm print out (you will need to use this version of the Psalm for the game to work). Each player chooses one word from that verse to cover on their board. The first one to make a line is the winner!

Your download includes:

  • a print out of Psalm 121 from the NIrV (a really accessible version)
  • four Bingo cards
  • a spinner
  • counters
  • instructions on how to make your cards, spinner and counters plus how to play the game

You will need a pencil and scissors to make your cards, spinner and counters.

Then you’re ready to play!

If you’d like a printed version for FREE, it comes as part of the Mountains Faith at home mini-mag which includes lots more fun activities to explore and pray with Psalm 121 plus a devotional suitable for individuals, families or small groups. AND it’s only £4!

Faith at home mini-mag simple, fun family activities




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