Question: What resource could I use to help children actually Encounter God?

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This week I received this question and thought it might be helpful for you too:

Hi Victoria,

I am a children and families minister. I’ve been looking for ways to use my ‘Sunday school’ group to be more about actually encountering God and furnishing spirituality and wondered if you had ever applied ‘My God Book’ to a church context or if you think it could work? If not do you have any suggestions for how that might be best done or a resource I can use?



Thank you for your email. What a good question!

I’m afraid I’ve not applied My God Book to a church situation, but I have produced books for families to use at home. You can see them all here. While these are all aimed at families using them together at home, if you have small groups, they could be used in that situation too.

Alternatively, I would recommend looking at the Connected Hearts curriculum which focuses on helping children connect with God. It’s written in the UK and the material is good and easy to use. 

Lastly, if you’re looking to help develop spirituality using open-ended materials, you could consider Godly Play. I use this at home, in groups and in all-age situations as I find the simple telling of the story followed by open-ended activities works well. I love working with the assumption that God is at work in us all and that we’re all at different places in our faith journey and that the Holy Spirit will lead us.

I hope that helps.

If you have any more questions, do get in touch.