Review: Abigail story book


Title: Abigail: a story book in the Mighty Girl, Mighty God series

Author: Lucy Rycroft

Illustrator: Andy Gray

Published by: The Hope Filled Family

Price: RRP £8.99

Good for: Families with children age 3-10 years old, childrens’ group where Bible stories are shared

Best bit: I loved the combination of rollicking rhyme and detailed, expressive illustrations

Worst bit: Rhyme is hard, and sometimes the text is hard to scan well when reading (that may just be me not being very good at reading poetry!)


There aren’t many single-Bible-story books out there anymore. When I was a child, we had a whole bookcase of them that we would choose from for our bedtime story. However, illustrations are expensive, and as publishers are unable to sell in the huge quantities they once did, it’s very difficult for this kind of book to be produced.

That’s why it’s exciting when a new single-Bible story book comes out, especially one about a female Bible character!

It’s a really easy, fun read, as Lucy has worked hard to create the whole story in rhyme, and Andy’s illustrations are just amazing! The details in the faces really help to show what’s happening in the story.

If you’ve ever enjoyed reading The snail and the whale (100 times in my case), then you will love this book.

Get yourself a copy here.

Get one for your godchildren and grandchildren.

Buy one for your church group or Messy Church and allow the families to enjoy dipping into this less-well-known Bible story in a new, fun way.