Review: Apply – Turning Bible reading into Bible living

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Title: Apply – Turning Bible reading into Bible living

By: Chris Wild, Daniel Beckett & Beca McKay

Price: £14.99

Published by Apply

Available from: St Andrew Bookshop

Good for: age 11-16s

Best bit: Big A4 journal-style book with lots of options on how to explore each verse and space to write on it

Worst bit: the Bible verses seemed to be random, which they might not be, but I couldn’t find a contents list 🙁

The design could also be a bit tighter, with more space for the words, but I’m being picky here!

More thoughts:

This is really different from any Bible notes or journal I’ve ever seen! It’s big and has 52 sessions, each on a double page, with lots of options of ways to explore the Bible verse and space to draw or write on the pages too.

It’s been designed for teens, but I think it could be used by younger children if they are pretty Bible literate, and also adults, if they like to draw and write in their journal!

You could use it on your own or with a group, and with 52 Bible sessions that’s one for each week of the year!

There’s even space to write your own sessions, which I really like. Having done a selection of the sessions, it would be really interesting to see what people come up with to explore their own choice of Bible verse.

It’s also available with a discounts when you order more than one copy, which is good for doing it with friends.