Review: Daniel’s Painting

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Title: Daniel’s Painting

By: David Houghton and Miriam Vydrar

Price: £5.99

Published by and available from: Onwards and Upwards

Good for: children age 3-8

Best bit: I love the simple layout with pictures on one page and the text on a paint blob opposite, plus way the Grandad talks about Daniel’s painting

Worst bit: It made me sad thinking of all the grand parents who’ve not seen their grand children for so long.

More thoughts:

This is a lovely, simple, rhyming story book about a boy called Daniel who paints a picture, but no one in his family is interested.

Then his Grandad visits and encourages him. (Grandad is called Barnabas, which means ‘Encourager’.)

Brilliant book for chatting about how we can encourage each other and the effect encouragement has on us.