Review: Babies and Toddlers – Nurturing your child’s spiritual life

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Title: Babies and Toddlers – Nurturing your child’s spiritual life

By: Rachel Turner

Price: £4.99

Published by: BRF

Available from: BRF

Good for: parents, grand parents, god parents and adults with contact with children age 0-3 years

Best bit: Short sections, big text, super encouraging with simple, practical ideas

Worst bit: I might have liked some colour pictures inside, but this would make it hard to keep the price down and make it easy to buy lots and give them as gifts.

More thoughts:

So I’m a big Rachel Turner fan, and would recommend all of her books. But this one is special.

It’s much shorter than Rachel Turner’s usual books, with larger text and shorter sections making it readable for parents of young children!

Sections include so much gentle encouragement and inspiration, helping parents know that the normal things they do with their child like listening to their favourite song on repeat or going for a walk and looking at bugs is all spiritual!

She has a whole section called You are enough, which would be worth the price of the book on its own.

She gives three very good reasons why parents of young children, tired and spaced out as they can be, are still in the perfect position to help their children grow in their faith, far more than people at church.

She gives really easy ways to start nurturing space for prayer, even with babies and pre-talkers.

She talks about the power of stories and relating to God through our own stories and those in the Bible.

And there’s some really practical thoughts on going to church, especially useful for people who’ve not been to a church service before.

Honestly, it’s a great book.

If you have someone under 3 in your home, definitely get this.

If you know someone else who does, buy one as a gift.

For only £4.99, this book will change the way you see parenting for faith for the youngest people in your life!

There’s also multi-packs you can buy and give away (£40 for 10), and videos and loads of other resources to go with the book.