Review: Camp survival

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Title: Camp survival

Written by: Olly Goldenberg

Published by: Children Can

Price: £6.99

Useful for: children age 7-11 years old

Best bit: Really funny story weaving age-appropriate Christian life choices for children into a choose your own adventure book!

Worst bit: The cover image is fab and I was hoping for more similar pictures in the book to break up the text and increase the appeal for younger readers.


This is the first book of this kind which Olly has written, and it’s brilliant!

My children (age 9 and 10) LOVED it, and wouldn’t let me stop until we’d got to the end! They took it in turns to choose which decision at each stage (each choice takes you down a different story line with 30 different story endings!) which was also interesting, as we got to chat about which choice when they didn’t agree.

When we’d finished one reading, they said they love how it was funny and also brought in real issues about friendship, such as if you invite a child who no-one likes into a group there is a possibility that those children will also reject you.

I loved how Olly weaves the story together with hilarious asides, and very relevant reflections on life, but without you ever feeling like the narrator is an adult!

This book would make a great gift to any Christian child age 6+. I really enjoyed reading it too and can’t wait to see what will happen when we read again and make different choices!