Review: Cecil and Psalm 23

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Title: Cecil and Psalm 23

Author: Andrew McDonough

RRP: £5.99 (paperback)

Published by: Malcolm Down

Perfect for: children age 2-10 years old, perfect for a bedtime story or story anytime!

Best bit:  Bible text illustrated line by line with simple, fun but theologically packed pictures of Cecil

Worst bit: Only Psalm 23? I’d love for there to be one of these for every Psalm! (There is Cecil and Psalm 8)

More thoughts:

We love the Cecil books in our house!

This one is special because it has the Bible text of Psalm 23 accompanied by Cecil the sheep.

The pictures are simple, funny but also theologically sound – for example, where it says “Goodness and mercy will follow me”, the Hebrew word for follow is much better translated as ‘chase after, hunt, or pursue’, and although the word ‘follow’ is used in the text (because that’s what the translation says), the images portray the concept of being chased. So clever!