The BEST IDEAS for your family faith at home this Summer


I’m a strong believer in the uniqueness of every family and that you need to find things which work for your family in the season you’re currently in.

However, that doesn’t mean you need hundreds of ideas so I’ve made a list of suggestions for you to choose the BEST idea for your family, based on what sorts of things your family is into. Choose what will be easy and fun for YOU!

MUSIC: Why not try some family worship – here are ten ideas to choose from

BEING OUTDOORS: You could try doing a Bible story in a tent, growing an outdoor picture treasure hunt, or perhaps Bubbles Blessings and it’s still not too late to plant some seeds for seed prayers!

READING BOOKS: Dig out some family favourites or try something new. Here are some reviews I’ve done of recent books I’ve found. Or you could try doing a looong Bible story

TACTILE/KINESTHETIC/PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES: You could experiment with Twister PrayersSand Sorry prayers, Bible story Treasure Hunt or try out our Say it, Smash it way of learning a Bible verse together!

DAILY RITUALS: Try doing Thanks Doodles or using a Thanks Jar, Lectio 365 or try a simple Sabbath ritual

CREATIVITY: Try putting out a selection of art materials and have fun using them in an open-ended response time, make some mini-books or if you’re near the beach, try some Sand Art Response

TALKING/DISCUSSION :These dice give you lots of great questions to get chatting about the Bible, while the Parenting for Faith Facebook page has a new question every week

EATING/COOKING: I love food, so these work well for us: Fruity Prayers, Sweets Prayer, tell Bible stories with Bread sticks with eyes or get hold of this book: Bake through the Bible (I wrote a full article about faith at home and food!)

CHARACTER TOY: Try playing a Bible story with toys such as Play Mobil or create Bible scenes in Lego like this nativity one

IF NONE OF THE ABOVE WORK: Try an invitation to play and see what everyone chooses.