Review: Cold Cups of Tea and Hiding in the Loo

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Title: Cold Cups of Tea and Hiding in the Loo

Author: Annie Wilmott

Price: £8.99

Published by and available from: Eden

Good for: anyone who’s been a parent, knows a parent or is thinking about becoming one

Best bit: Annie’s honesty and humour

Worst bit: Perhaps a bit pricey? And I’d like audio version with Annie reading it to me!

More thoughts:

I’ve known Annie IRL and also through her blog, Honest Conversation, which is just that! I love her blog because it’s random and well written and funny and HONEST! It’s such a tonic after all the pretty Instagram pictures of perfect family moments you know probably didn’t really look like that for more than 2 seconds.

Annie tells it like it is, reflecting on her own experiences as a parent, and helping us discover we are not along in the chaos, while also passing on her own, down to earth wisdom.

I thought this book might be really for parents with under 5s, but Annie’s wisdom isn’t just for toddler parents – it’s real wisdom for life.

This book is not her blog regurgitated as a book (thank you Annie!) but a collection of her (honest!) thoughts on becoming and being parents, including thoughts from her husband, Pete, and some fabulous lists of 10s:

10 honest confessions

10 ways kids are like puppies

10 ways a friend becomes a good mum frienc

10 things I learnt from my granny

I love Annie, so I knew I would like her book. It’s not smoochy or affected or trying to be perfect, but it’s what I know sitting down for a cup of tea with Annie is like: warm, wise and funny. Get it, you won’t be disappointed, but you might need to buy one for a friend too.