Review: Dangerous Journey

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pilgrims progress for children

Title: Dangerous Journey – The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress

By: John Bunyan’s words selected by Oliver Hunkin, illustrated by Alan Parry

Price:Hardback: £12.99

Published by and available from: Lion

Good for: children age 7+ up to younger teens, plus adults wanting an abridged version (me!)

Best bit: Cleverly edited words from the original story written by John Bunyan, with huge pictures expressing much of the meaning in the text

Worst bit: The images are all quite dark and ‘gritty’, which might put off some people, but they are a good reflection of the story, which isn’t a light fairy tale!

More thoughts:

I remember owning a treasured version of this book in my childhood, and so I was delighted to see this new edition.

I also tried reading the original a couple of years ago and got terribly bogged down in the language, so I was happy to find a version where a skilled writer had edited the text for me!

Although it looks like a picture book you sit down and read in one sitting, this is really a well-illustrated chapter book.

The story is in 9 chapters and will take a good while to read each chapter.

The story is a classic and so I’d recommend it for families wanting to give their children a view into classic literature, even if you don’t agree with the way the Christian story is told in it.