Review: Out of the shadows

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book review emotional mental healthTitle: Out of the shadows

By: Lisa Haskett

Price:Hardback: £6.99

Published by and available from: Lisa’s website

Good for: children age 7-11

Best bit: Lovely contemporary pictures with a great story about becoming confident

Worst bit: There are a lot of words on each page, meaning that it will work better for children age 7+ although younger children will enjoy the story!

More thoughts:

This is a lovely story about a girl who struggles with fear and believing in herself.

On the last page is a page (labelled for adults and children to read together) is a page where the author links the story to her own story, and how discovering what Jesus thought of her changed her.

I love how she’s written this part, and wish there was a way to weave this into the story as it’s being told, as my children would probably only let me show them that page once!

However, since the story is not explicitly Christian, it would be a great gift book to any family!