Review: Diary of a Disciple


Title: Diary of a Disciple

Author: Gemma Willis

Useful for: children age 8-12ish or anyone wanting a new slant on the Jesus story

Best bit: brilliantly retold and designed

Worst bit: you’ll finish it quicker than you want to

Price: RRP £10 Only £6.99 here at time of writing

It’s not often I come across a book I feel deserves such applause, but Diary of a Disciple by Gemma Willis really does. It really is the best Christian book I’ve come across for 7-12s.

The best way to describe this book is a re-telling of Luke’s gospel in Tom Gate’s style. I’ve bought a few copies, and have given a few away only to be told it’s brilliant by every child who’s got their hands on it. I gave the first one to a girl at church who I asked to review it for me. She took it home and her younger brother ‘nicked’ it and read it in 3 days. That’s the kind of review I like! I then bought one for my 8yo God-daughter for Easter. She called me 2 days later to say she’d finished it. Ok. Yes, it’s that good.

Check it out – you won’t regret it!

And she’s written a sequel.