Review: Into His Presence

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Title: Into his presence – an interactive prayer journal designed for teens, by teens

Author: Joanne Gilchrist and Shell Perris

Illustrator: Gail Hanks

Published by:

Price: RRP £7.99

Good for: Anyone who wants space to journal but would also like some jumping off points

Best bit: fabulous quality paper, nice design, really like the QR code to a piece of music!

Worst bit: Quite a lot of words and not very large print


I’d love to hear more of the story of this journal as it’s really nice.

I love having something which feels such good quality, and gold foiling on the cover is special.

Inside, there’s four page s(2 double page spreads) for each prayer time, with a simple pattern as well as some variables:

Each time there’s:

  1. a worship track
  2. a Bible verse
  3. a large space to draw/write what the Spirit is saying
  4. space to write mini miracles (things we’re thankful for), things we’re sorry for and things we’re proud of
  5. space to write prayers for myself and others

Then there’s a variety of extras, from verses which speak to my identity to recommended apps and books.

I am not convinced this is really for teens, as I’m not one and I want one. Saying that, I think the interactive stuff will definitely appeal to teens, and I love this completely different approach. You should get one for yourself, and one for that teenage God-child of yours (for whom you don’t know what to buy) 😉

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