Review: Whistlestop Tales

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Title: Whistlestop Tales: Around the Bible with 10 extraordinary children

Author: Krish and Miriam Kandiah

Illustrator: Andy Gray

Published by: Hodder Faith

Price: RRP £12.99

Good for: Families with children age 5-13, who enjoy humour and bible stories re-told from different perspectives

Best bit: My personal favourite was The Tale of the Girl who Didn’t Feel Well – the Samaritan. It is so beautifully written it made me cry!

Worst bit: Only 10 stories? We could have gone on reading this for weeks!


My children are pretty fussy when it comes to books. It’s my fault as it’s something I’ve helped them develop: their own opinions and a large dose of critique when it comes to books. We have A Lot of books, but this one snuck into the favourites list straight away! The stories are well written which  I appreciate as the story reader, and brilliantly illustrated – every page has an illustration, and many of lots! Andy Gray’s pictures really bring the stories to life – my girls had a long debate about which was Peter and which was Thomas!

Each story starts with a contemporary story about a child who was different in some way, including neurodiverse, physically disabled, and from socially difficult circumstances. Each bible story is then written starting with the main character as a child, introducing their difference.  We then see them have some kind of God-encounter, and discover that their difference didn’t stop God, and was sometimes what God used to achieve great things.

I totally recommend this book and also the first in the series, which has 12 bible stories about children from around the world.

Here’s some images to give you a flavour: