Review: Jesus and the storm

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Title: Jesus and the storm

By: Andrew McDonough

Price: £6.99

Published by and available from: Sarah Grace / Malcolm Down

Good for: children age 0 – 11

Best bit: Jesus saying: “Down, waves, down! Do not even wiggle!”

And the suggestion to do some snoring practice on Cecil’s page at the back!!

Worst bit: My children want it read all the time!

More thoughts:

I love Andrew McDonough’s Lost Sheep series. There are very few Christian publishers creating short Bible story books for children, these are well thought through, well written and have really bold, bright, funny illustrations.

What I love about a stand alone story book is that children can ask for it again and again, which is often their way of exploring it in a deep way. They listen to the story first time around to see what will happen. Next time, they notice more of the details in the pictures. They keep listening, keep looking, and keep piecing together who this Jesus is, how what it says here about him connects to other things they already know. And this book doesn’t disappoint! It looks deceptively simple, but there’s loads there, plus more on Cecil’s page, where Andrew gives us parents ideas of things to chat about – and to practice our snoring!

Andrew is a great storyteller – you can watch him ‘reading’ this book here

And there’s downloads and other things which come with it here