Review: Love came down

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Title: Love came down

By: Bethan Lycett and Hannah Stout

Price: £3.99 for 1, in a pack as low as £1 each

Published by: 10 of those

Useful for: children age 2-7

Best bit: It tells the whole story of Jesus, including why he was born. My favourite page is the picture of the boy and the Dad making rainbow robots out of toilet tubes!

Worst bit: It tells the story so fast, it would be easy to misunderstand or loose parts of the story especially for young children, but it’s a simple introduction to the gospel message.


The book has fun pictures and simple words, and tells (a really shorten version of) the whole gospel story from the Bible, starting with God creating the world and people ignoring him, giving the reason Jesus came. It briefly includes Jesus’ birth and life work, death, resurrection and ascension! Yes! With only about 12 words per page, it really crams in the WHOLE story, including John 3:16 at the back.

It’s a good intro to the gospel, but probably best for families where parents can explain the elements in more detail.