Review: The Nativity


Title: The Nativity

By: Bethan Lycett and Hannah Stout

Price: £3.50

Published by: 10 of those

Useful for: children aged 2-7

Best bit: The lovely artwork and simple, easy-to-read Christmas story including Simeon and Anna

Worst bit: The rhyme isn’t always as smooth as it could be, but still enjoyable.


This is a simple, Biblically accurate rhyming re-telling of the Christmas story, including Jesus being laid in a manger (but no mention of the stable) and Mary and Joseph taking their offering to the temple and meeting Simeon and Anna.  It’s short and simple and is a good way to introduce the Christmas story to young children, and the artwork is lovely: clear, fun and gives lots of story details in a visual way, which is so essential for young children.

The book is also available as a board book and colouring book as well!