Review: Next Steps to Following Jesus

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Title: Next Steps to Following Jesus

Author: Joanne Gilchrist and Shell Perris

Illustrator: Gail Hanks

Published by: Sarah Grace Publishing

Price: RRP £5.99

Good for: Anyone with children age 6-10 wanting to read the explore the bible at home

Best bit: 30 devotions with a variety of different ways to explore the stories plus colourful pictures

Worst bit: Quite a lot of words and not very large print


Over the last decade or so, I have often heard Christian parents looking for devotional material for their children, as many of those previously available have stopped being published. This is mostly due to lack of demand (yes, I know!) and also that they were daily devotionals, which don’t work for everyone.

What I like about Next steps to following Jesus is that there are no dates, so you can’t get behind, and there’s lots of colour and different ways to explore the bible passages.

The four pathways are thinking, feeling, getting active and creating, meaning there will be something for everyone!

There’s even a tick chart in the back for you to mark what you’ve done and see which parts you liked best.

Good job Joanne!