Review: The Adventure of Christmas


Title: The Adventure of Christmas

By: Ed Drew

RRP: £6.99

Published by and available from: The Good Book Company

Best bit: Short but meaningful daily Advent devotionals with a picture for each day and something for all ages – from under-fives to adults!

Worst bit: Only a few creative activities for people with other learning / spiritual styles

More thoughts:

This book is a great little Advent devotional for families, splitting the Christmas story into 25 sections for give you a bit each day. There’s a Bible reading and questions to chat through together with some guidance on what age group to use which questions for. It’s a shame that the open-ended questions are left for the teens, as I think younger children would benefit from and enjoy those too. I love how there are things for really young children and adults and everyone in between – a really ALL-age resource. I wonder if it could even work on zoom with grandparents or god-parents!

There’s also a picture for each day, which is fab for visual learners like me. Personally, having the picture means I want more pictures (visual learner) but the pictures are really great.

There’s also a star by each story in the contents to focus on if you can’t manage one story every day – 15 instead of 25, which might make this more manageable for some families.

This is a traditional, word-based devotional (read, pray, question repeat) with only a few extra activities – which is great because it keeps it short and simple, but not so great, as it doesn’t offer choices for different types of learner or spiritual styles.