Review: The Big Bible Activity Book

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Title: The Big Bible Activity Book

Written by: Maggie Barfield

Published by: Scripture Union

Price: £11.99

Buy from: Scripture Union

Useful for: parents of children age 1-6 years old

Best bit:

My daughter (age 4) said it was the stickers. Of course. We love stickers.

For me, the best bit was the fresh new contemporary design and the spiral binding which makes it easy to do the drawing colouring and sticker activities.

Worst bit:

My daughter liked it so much that she took it to bed with her. When she brought it downstairs to breakfast, she dropped it on her foot and actually broke the skin. ouch! (Not really the publisher’s fault, but it does give you an idea of the weight and quality of this book)

I’d’ve liked more interactive ideas and things to explore each story a bit more.

This book has the same lovely artwork and theologically age appropriate text as The Big Bible Storybook. If you were expecting something new, you might be disappointed but my children have read the BBSB over and over again and still loved having an activity version.

Some (but not all) of the stories have a question like ‘What would you like to say to God today?’ Or a prompt with ‘Something to remember…’ I’d’ve liked more of these and more variety, but I liked how they begin a journey of exploring the stories and linking into our own faith.

There are lots of pictures to draw or colour and places to complete the picture with a sticker, all with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.  The stories are short making them perfect to use with even very young children and by parents with only a short space of time to spend with their children.

I’d’ve liked more open-ended response ideas and a bit more options to develop faith at home, but my daughter loves the book, and I think for many families it will be plenty to get them going and not overwhelm them at the beginning of their faith at home journey.