Review: Treasure Box

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Title: Treasure Box

Author: Becky and Adam May

Useful for: parents of children aged 3-10 wanting to do faith together at home

Best bit: the lovely Bible storybook and ready-to-go craft activities – my 5-year-old especially loved the weaving loom

Worst bit: the wooden door included in the box was lovely, but the prayer ideas didn’t actually use it

Price: RRP £10 including postage

This fabulous, posted delight knocks the socks off a Mister Maker box (which my children love) because it arrives through your letterbox with a full-size Bible storybook and not one, but four craft activities to explore the story together. When ours arrived, I popped it on a shelf until an appropriate moment. When I did get it out, we played with it for about an hour and a half (double the Mister Maker box record). My children unpacked the items from the beautiful gold patterned bags (very exciting) and then started off an activity with minimal help. My 4yo loved colouring and cutting out the camel finger puppet and my 5yo made and used the loom, while I read the story to them from the book. We chatted about the story, using some of the wondering questions suggested and some of our own (I wonder how the boy got the carpets to market) and then continued with our crafts. The weaving is a much longer activity than the others and so we will probably return to it a few times. My only disappointment was the wooden door, which although lovely to hold, didn’t really have a purpose in the activities which was a shame. However, my 4yo invented her own prayer activity which involved saying a prayer and eating a grape. Many times. Until you’ve eaten almost a whole bunch of grapes!

My girls loved this, and I think for £10 per month, it’s great to get a new Bible storybook and some things to do with it. However, I think it will do much more than that, as my children were clearly inspired by it, as my 4-year-old’s ‘Grape Prayers’ showed. She also said, “This is a great box that you got, Mummy!” which is high praise indeed from a four-year-old! It’s a fab, easy and fun way to invest in growing your faith at home together. And now I need to go back to doing some wool weaving on the loom 🙂