Review: The Essential Guide to Family Ministry

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Title: The Essential Guide to Family Ministry

Author: Gail Adcock

Price: £8.99

Published by and available from: BRF

Good for: anyone involved in, overseeing or thinking about family ministry

Best bit: An excellent mix of good theology and research with accessible, practical suggestions for both doing faith at home and supporting others in it.

Worst bit: So much good stuff, I’ll need to read it slowly so I can take it in and apply it!

Oh, and no pictures 😉

More thoughts:

Gail has been working in this area for ages, and has done her research well. It’s good to have a British book looking at this topic, as there’s been quite a few from the US, which I always wonder how accurate a reflection of the UK they are.  The first 3 chapters are a really good synopsis of her research, looking at culture and theology in which ministry to families find itself.

The second section is my fave (always a fan of the practical!), titled: Seven Habits for Highly Effective Family Ministry. She includes a whole chapter on Support – when we say we’re supporting families, what do we really mean?, a whole chapter on being Intergenerational, which for me is the other side of the same coin as family ministry, a chapter on being missional – which didn’t surprise me as I know Gail is passionate about this! And it also takes away what I consider to be a false dichotomy of discipleship versus evangelism. Probably my favourite chapter is Being holy at home, when Gail gives ten top tips for family devotions, and her book list at the back is a pretty massive, and excellent reading list!

If you are in, supporting or thinking about family ministry, you should read this book.