Say it, smash it!

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easy and fun way to learn a Bible verse

This is a really fun way to learn a Bible verse!

Just write the words in the verse on eggs clean, empty egg shells, one word per shell.

(We wash ours with soapy water then leave to dry.)

Then put them out on a table in a random order and challenge everyone to see if they can work out which verse from the Bible it is and to put the words in order. (It helps if you choose one they have heard before!). If you include capitals and punctuation, it helps give people clues as to where words are in the sentence.

We did Psalm 121, which my family had learnt off by heart a couple of years ago, but I wanted to recap. Usually I’d only do one verse like this if are learning it from scratch.

Once the words are in order (which you could do yourself if you think putting them in order is too hard / boring), the fun is ready to begin – you are ready to say it and smash it!

Take it in turns to read the verse using the eggshells then smash one shell. (We did this with a wooden mallet which make a nice sound but doesn’t hurt the table!)

The next person does the same until all the shells are smashed, and hopefully you all know the verse!

Not sure which verse to choose? We learnt Psalm 121 – why not try starting with verse 1?

This works well with children age 7+ who are fairly confident readers, but also works with a mixed age group as everyone gets to hear the verse and say it.

You could always adapt it so that everyone says the verse together each time, then take it in turn to smash the egg shells.

Oh, and afterwards, you could crush them up just a little bit more and sprinkle them on your veg/flower beds to deter slugs #tryitcositworks

You’ll find loads more fun activities to explore this Psalm in the Mountains edition of the Faith at home mini-mag.