Do you love watching seeds grow? Why not link this with praying for something to grow?

A fun and satisfying seedling to watch is a sunflower.

Take a toilet tube and press in the sides of one end to make a little compostable pot. Fill it with compost or soil then place one seed on the top. Sprinkle about 5mm of soil on top of the seeds and water it. Place a little piece of plastic wrap on top of the tube and put it somewhere warm. On top of kitchen cupboards or on a warm window sill will work. Now wait for it to germinate, checking on it regularly.

While you wait, think about something you would like to pray for growth in. This could be:

  • something physical such as health, or the money being raised to help a particular group
  • something more abstract such as joy, peace, faith or hope

As soon as a green shoot appears in your tube, remove the plastic and keep it moist and in view on a window sill so that you can watch them grow.

Which part grows first?

How fast does it grow?

Every time you check on it or water it, remember to pray for growth in the thing you chose to pray for.

When your plant is more than 15cm high and has at least two sets of leaves, plant it into a large pot or somewhere in the ground where it will get lots of sun. Keep watering it and keep praying for growth!