Christmas Messages

I find it interesting to look at the Christmas story and see what messages from God to the people back then are also relevant for us. It’s a little risky, as it’s possible to take Bible verses out of context when applying them to ourselves, but there are definitely some messages in the Christmas story … Read more

Angel bakes

Bake jam tarts or cookies using an angel-shaped cutter and give them to a friend, neighbour or a delivery person. If appropriate, offer to pray for them, including a prayer that God will bring them good news, just like the angels brought good news at the first Christmas. You might like to read the Christmas … Read more

Clay Ornament Blessings

Make clay ornaments with words of blessing on to give to people as ornaments. You could write or stamp words that describe blessings, which you pray God will give them, such as courage, peace, joy, strength. We made these and hung them from a little tree in our hall. Any time a visitor came to … Read more