Review: Found (Psalm 23)

Title: Found – Psalm 23 Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones Illustrator: Jago Published by: Zonder Kids Price: £5.95 at WHSmith £6.99 on Amazon Useful for: people age 2+ Best bit: Simple, beautiful words and stunning images communicating God’s love for you Worst bit: As a board books it’s brilliant for young children, but might make older children feel … Read more

Create a Psalm 23 garden

Have you ever considered making a garden version of a psalm? This is the core idea of the Psalm 23 garden project, launched by the Bible Society. They are encouraging people to get involved in creating community gardens which embody Psalm 23, and in September, the Bible Society will have a Psalm 23 garden at the … Read more

Review: Cecil and Psalm 23

cecil and psalm 23

Title: Cecil and Psalm 23 Author: Andrew McDonough RRP: £5.99 (paperback) Published by: Malcolm Down Perfect for: children age 2-10 years old, perfect for a bedtime story or story anytime! Best bit:  Bible text illustrated line by line with simple, fun but theologically packed pictures of Cecil Worst bit: Only Psalm 23? I’d love for there … Read more

Psalm 23 – exploring the Hebrew

exploring Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is probably the most well-known psalm! However, there’s always more to discover, as I found when I started to explore the Hebrew words and their meanings. To do this, I’ve looked up the psalm on Biblehub and clicked through to look at the root Hebrew words and what other meanings are also ascribed … Read more