Chocolate Star Prayers

Read the story from Matthew 2 or listen to it being read by David Suchet. Invite everyone to chat or think about the impact the star had on the wise men, what impact did it have in their lives? The sorts of things they might say include that: it guided them when they saw it, … Read more

Peppermint Cream Stars

One thing I enjoy doing are simple craft activities which link in with the Christmas story in some way, giving me an ‘in’ to chat about it both with my family, and with whoever comes into contact with the final product. Making chocolate creams is ridiculously easy, and yummy so a perfect gift for a … Read more

Prayer stars

This activity comes from Josh stays in hospital, about how Josh has to spend quite a while in hospital but discovers that God is with him and will help him. It’s part of the Held in Hope series produced with the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network. Draw faces on prayer stars to represent one sad prayer and … Read more