The gift of pressing PAUSE

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I’m a run around, get lots done, energetic sort of person, so I’ve come late to this realisation:

We ALL need rest, time to pause, to reflect, to process.

As we approach what is often the busiest time of year, it’s even more important to put things in place to press pause on the doing and make sure we take time to BE.

For me, this looks like taking time to drink a cup of coffee without doing something else (my new favourite coffee is Exhale which is antioxidant rich, healthy coffee. You can try it for FREE!*).

I find it’s easy to gulp down a cup of the brown gold without really even noticing the taste and flavour which is a real shame both for the effort that goes into making good coffee, and for me – so I just try to take 5 minutes in the my day to press pause, to sit down and not pick up my phone or a book, to sit and think, to reflect, maybe pray, maybe just notice how I’m feeling.

As the days get shorter, I love to light a candle in the morning, sometimes when I first get up, sometimes over breakfast. I love it ‘cos it makes everything feel warm and cosy, and looking at the flame helps me (you’ve guessed it) press pause, reflect, rest for a moment.

Sometimes I combine this with thinking of things I’m thankful for, which is why I created 25 Ways to be Thankful – a set of 25 Advent thanks prompts which you can get as a FREE download here.

What else have you found helps you press pause especially in Advent?

*Here’s how the free coffee thing works

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