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Victoria has celebrated Passover for 10 years, as well as celebrating Shabbat each week and in this online workshop she shares her family’s journey.

She shares ideas of how you could perhaps celebrate the festival yourselves as a family, or simply use a deeper understanding of Passover to bring richness to your faith.

The workshop is run in a secret Facebook book and includes Victoria doing live broadcasts between 20th and 30th March 2018 as well as adding posts with information, downloads and activity ideas. The workshop will run in a flexible way, much like a GodVenture Workshop in a building, where Victoria will share a bit of stuff then give you things to do as a family with lots of options so you can do something which works for you. Because it’s online, you can do as much or a little as you want, and can pop on to watch when it suits you. Some of the videos will be live, and Victoria will try to do 1 or 2 at the weekend so it’s easier to watch together, but the key is making it work for you and your family. 

Doing the workshop on social media also allows you to ask questions and get answers both during the live broadcasts and in the comments and replies afterwards. When you purchase your workshop ticket, make sure the email you enter and the name you use is the one you use on Facebook, as this is what we will use to invite you to join the secret group.

In the workshop there will be a roughly 10 minute video to explore each of the following:

·     the Exodus story, especially the Passover meal

·         Passover traditions (part 1 and 2)

·         Manna and the Bread of the Presence, and they relate to Passover

·         John 6 (I am the bread of life discourse) and the Easter story!

·     Victoria linking it all together

Theis looks pretty heavy, but Victoria will, of course, be making it fun and accessible, and, as always, it’s vital that you to use the workshop to develop your own family faith at home and find what God has for you all in the season you’re in.

Each section above will also include:

·         Ideas for ways to read the Bible together, including ways to cover large sections (the Exodus and the Easter story!) ways to reflect on what they mean for you, and ways to create things to remember and continue on your faith journey together.

·         Ideas for ‘sacred moments’, using parts of the Passover ceremony on their own or together as a Passover meal.

·         Recipes for Passover food including a delicious gluten and dairy free cake and matzah crack!

·         Links to resources Victoria has found helpful in their Passover journey.

If you would like to join the workshop, you can purchase your ticket here, making sure you include the email and name under which you are registered on Facebook so you can be invited to join the secret group.

You will then have access to all the materials as they are put up, both while the workshop is ‘live’ and also for ever more. You will be able to pop back and look at things as often and for as long as you like.