10 Things To Do With Your Advent Calendar Christmas Story Book


I’m sure you’ve worked out by now that you can add a sticker a day to your Sticker Advent Calendar. You will see the different parts of the story appear as you do so.

What you might not have decided yet is how you will use the Bible story mini book with it. Now, you are welcome not to use it at all and just enjoy the stickers, but here’s some ideas you might like to try one of these ideas:

1 Read the story mini book on section a day as you sticker on your stickers. Don’t forget your sticker of baby Jesus on Christmas Day!

2 Chat about the story using some open-ended questions For example, what surprised you in the story? Was there anything there you didn’t expect? Anything you expected which wasn’t there?

I wonder what part of the story you liked best. I wonder where you are in this story.

These questions have no wrong answers and should help you all reflect on the story and what it means for you.

3 Read the story from the book and use a toy nativity set to ‘act’ it out as it’s read or re-tell it in your own words and have fun adding your own details! There’s some lovely new nativity sets out this year. Here are my favourites.

4 Re-tell the story using your own DIY nativity set. If you share your photos, don’t forget to tag @GodVenture so we can share them with others!

5 Read the story while listening to your favourite Christmas songs. Or after setting up your Christmas tree. Or nativity scene. Why not make luxury hot chocolate to drink while you read?

6 Read the story and miss out words as you go, letting listeners guess the missing words. Or add in wrong words and see if they spot them!

7 Make pictures of your favourite parts of the story. You could try making collages or painting. Or do a washi tape pictures like this.

8 Share the story with someone. Maybe you could re-tell it using your nativity set or make a card with a picture from the story on the front.

9 Read the story in a Bible. You’ll find the references in the mini book. If you are familiar with one Bible version, you could use one you don’t use so often. Or look up a Bible version online at www.biblegateway.com Here’s the story on Biblegateway from The Message version:

Part 1 Nazareth

Part 2 Jesus is born

Part 3 The shepherds

Part 4 The wise men

10 Get someone to read the story from the book while you colour this massive Nativity I-spy colouring Poster – see if you can spot things from the story as you listen.

For more ideas and Activities to explore at Christmas visit my 50 Faith at home ideas for Christmas here.