10 Ways to Use the Sticker Advent Calendar


The GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar is the only one which using stickers to tell the Christmas story. With it’s 40 stickers and Christmas storybook, it’s a fabulous product which you could use in any way which works for you.

Here’s ten ideas:

  1. Basic one first: Daily, weekly or ad hoc, add a sticker each day and read that section of the story, or do seven once a week, or whenever makes sense in your situation.
  2. Use the storybook as the script for a play. All the characters’ spoken words are in white speech bubbles, so pick who wants to be who in the story (you’ll need a narrator for all the non-spoken parts too) and have fun reading and acting the play together. This works well in a family gathering, a church service or a children’s or youth group.
  3. Read the all story sections under one title (e.g. Mary and the angel) and use the three wondering questions at the front of the book to chat about just that part of the story. You could do this as a family, choosing a different section of the story each time. Or if you’re running a group, you could split people into groups to chat about different parts of the story then feedback what they discovered. It’s amazing how much there is to discover in this well-known story!
  4.  Listen to the story. There’s loads of audio version of the story at Biblegateway. Use one of these and add the stickers as you hear that part of the story.
  5. Record your own story version. Have fun reading the story and recording it. You could record an audio or video of you reading and share it with friends or on social media. Get organised and co-ordinate with friends, having different people read different parts of the story, then have someone edit them together.
  6. Have a race – who can get all their stickers on the calendar first? Add a 5 second fowl for every sticker in the wrong place!
  7. Connect with a friend. Buy two calendars, one for you, one for a friend then use the story to connect with each other once a week during December. This could be face to face or over Zoom or even email or letter.
  8. Take a short video of you opening your calendar every day and share it online as a reel or post.
  9. Use the storybook to inspire a Toy Story Play, where you toys get to tell the story in their own words. Film this and share it with friends as a Christmas Ecard!
  10. Buy calendars for families you know and during December, ask them how they’re getting on with it, perhaps using the I wonder questions at the front of the storybook.