Review: Corrie ten Boom – The Courageous Woman and The Secret Room

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Title: Corrie ten Boom – the courageous woman and the secret room

From the Do Great Things for God series

Author: Laura Caputo-Wickham

Illustrator: Isabel Munoz

Price: RRP £6.99 but available for £5.94 from The Good Book Company

Good for: children age 3-7 years old

Best bit: a short, simple version of Corrie’s story, a good introduction to this very famous Christian, with lovely illustrations

Worst bit: I didn’t find the story gripping, but I am not the target audience age!!


This story tells of the life of Corrie ten Boom, including the secret room she had in her house and how she went to prison when they were found illegally hiding Jews in that room. It mentions the difficulties and hardships Corrie went through to in an age-appropriate way, showing that it was hard, but not making it scary. (It doesn’t go into detail or speak of her sister’s death.) The story also includes a short Bible verse about God being our hiding place, which reflects her faith and life work.

At the back of the book is a detailed timeline of her life and a photograph of Corrie, which is a nice way of making it feel real.

It is part of a series which includes:

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  • Betty Green – The Girl who Longed to Fly
  • Betsey Stockton – The Girl with a Missionary Dream
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