A picture meditation for Pentecost


This picture was created by Peter Privett, part of Godly Play UK.

If you’d like more Pentecost activities, you might like the GodVenture Pentecost Pack.

You might like to print the picture out and display it somewhere in your home. This way you can think about it over the week.

This is an activity which people of any and all ages can take part in, especially as the response time is up to you.

You could even do it on Zoom, or as part of an online small group.

This picture is called Breaking Through.

As you look at it together, I wonder what you see.

I wonder what you like.

What might the artist be trying to say?

What do you understand by the title Breaking Through?

What happens if you put this picture alongside the story of Pentecost?

I wonder what response you would like to make?

Remember you can just sit or think quietly.

Some people like to have something in their hands so that the mind can wander. A simple repetitive action like sewing, knitting, simple weaving, doodling, gardening, going for a walk, might be helpful.

Some people think by using images and symbols. You can use some simple drawing materials… scrap paper and pencil, paints if you have them.

Other may like to write something. Don’t worry about spelling… see where the writing goes…

Taking objects and placing them into some connection or arrangement can sometime help. Notice what you notice.

Looking at a Bible passage or story… Notice which words or phrases leap off the page and stay with those…What associations or connections come to you? How do they make you feel?

Remember to give yourself time. This time is for you. And nobody but you needs to comment on what you have done.