Pentecost Pack

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A downloadable pack of fun, family, faith at home activities for Pentecost. Ideal for children of all ages and even intergenerationally.

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All about Pentecost Pack

What is Pentecost?

Why is it called that?

When did it start?

This download pack is for busy Christian parents wanting fun, easy activities to help their children learn about Pentecost.

It includes eight fun, multi-sensory activities, plus lots of interesting info about Pentecost so you can learn together too!

Did you know that Pentecost existed before Jesus? Yup! It’s an ancient Bible feast, usually known as The Feast of Weeks or First Fruits in the Bible. Today it’s called Shavout. This faith at home resource will help your family learn about Pentecost and its history!

The activities include:

  • a QR code to get you reading/listening to the Pentecost Bible story
  • actions (for those who need movement during the story)
  • questions to get everyone chatting about Pentecost
  • Using fire (safely!) to explore Pentecost
  • Birthday cake for the church
  • Pray with bubbles
  • Breath prayers
  • Pinwheel prayers (including template)
  • Prayer bunting (including template)

Simply click to buy, download and off you go!


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