Bible bingo

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I’m always excited to work out a new fun way to explore the Bible and this is a good one!

Simply choose 9+ words from a passage you want to explore – this game works well if you have six verses in your passage.

Add your words to a Bingo board – simply chart in rows and columns. Do four boards, making sure the words are in different places on each board.

Collect together enough counters for each player to place one on each square on their board, plus a dice (or make a simple spinner*).

Throw the dice (or spin the spinner) and whichever number you land on, read the equivalent verse from your passage.

Each player should pick one word from that verse to cover with their counter.

Repeat until someone has made a line with their counters and is the winner!

I’ve made a version of this game using Psalm 121, which has 8 verses. The download includes four board with instructions on how to play and also a spinner and counters to cut out.

The boards and spinner come as part of the Mountains  Faith at home mini-mag, or you can buy a download version and print it yourself.

* This download includes a spinner with numbers 1-8 on it.