Pasta prayers for each other


Use different shaped pasta to pray!

Take it in turns to talk about something which makes you afraid. They may be simple things like spiders or more personal things like getting lost or losing someone. Use the pasta to make a little picture of the thing which makes you afraid.

When you have made the picture, invite someone to volunteer to pray for that person, asking Jesus to be with them and to help them. Ask God to help you to trust him and not to be afraid.

Take it in turns so that everyone who wants to gets a chance to share, make a picture and be prayed for.

You can each take a piece of pasta home to remind you that Jesus is with you to help you trust him and not be afraid. Put it in your coat pocket, by your bed or somewhere else to remind you of this.

Here’s a way to use pasta to explore Bible stories

Not wanting to use pasta? Here’s some other ideas of how you can use other (non-food) items in the same way.