Big Christmas Story Challenge


Why not read the whole Christmas story? Could you do it even in one sitting?

This is a fun idea which could work as part of your family devotions or personal Bible reading / Quiet time / Time with God or whatever you call it!

The Christmas story is written about in both Matthew and Luke’s gospels, so you’ll need to read a bit of each.

If you want it all organised for you, the story a few verses at a time using Matthew and Luke’s gospels, you could get a GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar which comes with a sticker for each day which relates to the part of the story for that day in the minibook.

If you get someone else to read it, or listen to it on, you could do some colouring while you listen (lovely nativity colouring poster here).

Click here to find the following verses from the NIVUK on (This isn’t quite the full story, but they are the verses used on the GodVenture Advent Calendar). Then click on the speaker icon to listen to David Sucket reading them!

Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-21; Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 2:39-40