Seven Simple Ways to Celebrate Easter


Over the years, we’ve celebrated Easter in many creative ways. (See my mega list of ideas here!)

However, some years it’s necessary or even good to pair everything back and just do something simple and meaningful, and perhaps also fun.

Here’s seven simple Easter ideas:

  1. Challenge everyone to write the Easter story in emojis.
    You could do this via text or on a family Whatsapp conversation. I always find communicating in emojis gets my reluctant daughter’s juices flowing. Here’s my attempt: 🌿🦶🍷👮✝️⚰️💥

  2. Do a simple colouring of the Easter story.
    I like this one as it’s got various scenes from the week running up to Easter Sunday.

  3. Eat hot cross buns together.
    Actually make them hot. You could, of course bake your own (I love using orange zest and choc chips in mine) but this is the Simple Easter list so buy your favourites and toast them. Enjoy time together eating them. You could read the story or just chat about what you each love best about Easter. Research shows that one of the best indicators of whether your children will have faith is the quality of your relationship and connection with them, so eating HCBuns together is helping them growing in faith. For older children, you could have a discussion about whether you agree with the Nike tick hot-not-cross-buns or not. This is a good time to explore different view points and nuance.

  4. Go for a nature walk.
    Get outside together and explore somewhere. Enjoy the sunshine if there is some and observing all the new things growing. Easter is a time of new life, and nature is the perfect place to explore this. You might enjoy drawing or painting what you see. Or see how many different colour flowers you can spot – can you spot the rainbow? Or notice which trees are budding and which still waking up. You might like to thank God out loud for the beauty around you or gently absorb the beauty and smile your thanks.

  5. Touch base with someone.
    Easter, like Christmas, can be a lonely time for people without family, or a sad time for people who are grieving. Is there someone you could pop round to say hi to, perhaps take something Easter to eat or a homemade card.

  6. Listen to the Easter story.
    If reading the story seems a bit too in-your-face for your family, how about listening to it? The Biblegateway website has loads of audio version, or you can click here for the one I love read by David Suchet.

  7. Listen to, sing, sign or dance to a song.
    What speaks Easter in your family? Growing up it, for me would have been something by Graham Kendrick, but there’s stacks of songs you could choose from. I love this acoustic version of Sign your Cross by Becky and Nick Drake – click here to see it.

  8. EXTRA ONE: Easter egg and story hunt.
    This one is extra because it does takes a tiny bit of prep but is super fun and so worth the effort. All you’ll need is:

    – some eggs to hide (we love Lindt Lindor ones they come wrapped which helps)
    – something to represent different parts of the story (I’ll be using these cute Easter Story Cards)

    Simply hide the eggs and story-clues together around your home / garden / local green area and challenge everyone to find them. With the Easter Story Cards, it’s fun to see if you can put them in order without looking at the words or numbers on the back – they can be used to re-tell the story while you’re munching your eggs! See more on how to do a treasure hunt here.

I hope that inspires you to do something simple this Easter! I’d love to see what you do so if you post pictures online, please tag @GodVenture