Review: The Inkwell Chronicles: The Ink of Elspet

Title: The Inkwell Chronicles: The Ink of Elspet Author: J. D. Peabody  Published by: Hodder Faith Price: RRP £11.99 Good for: Children age 6-12 years old, especially those who love adventures Best bit: Wonderful relationship between the children and their Dad, plus brilliant idea of ‘ink’ being the most precious thing in the world. Worst bit: Although there’s an ending, the story … Read more

Review: Pembricks Creaturepedia

Title: Pembrick’s Creaturepedia Author: Andrew Peterson Published by: Hodder Faith Price: £8.99 Good for: Anyone who’s enjoyed The Wingfeather Saga and who likes non-fiction books or sketches with lables! Best bit: That this is a book referred to in the Wingfeather Saga so it feels like you are holding a copy of a book which the characters had! I also love the … Read more

Review: Wingfeather Tales

Title: Wingfeather Tales – seven thrilling stories from the world of Aerwiar Editor: Andrew Peterson Authors: Andrew Peterson, Jennifer Trafton, N. D. Wilson, A. S. Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, and Douglas McKelvey Illustrations: Justin Gerard, Hein Zaayman, Cory Godbey, John Hendrix, Nicholas Kole, Aedan Peterson, Joe Sutphin, Jay Myers, and Doug TenNapel Published by: Hodder Faith Price: £12.99 Good for: Anyone who’s enjoyed The … Read more

Breathing prayer

Here’s a simple version of an ancient practise: Use a breathing prayer to ‘chew over’ a Bible verse. This is less of an understanding exercise and more of a feeling, meditative one. If you’ve found a verse that jumps out at you or is particularly meaningful to you at the moment, this might be something … Read more

Pinwheel Prayers

This is a simple activity using pinwheels to think about God’s Spirit being like the wind and to pray using them. This is a great one for under 5s, but everyone might enjoy this very tangible way to pray. What do I need to begin Pinwheel Prayers? To begin, you will need a pinwheel! Perhaps … Read more

8 ways to get your family to stop fighting and be more generous

I wish I could tell you how to stop your children fighting. There’s probably something good about children developing social skills in the home and feeling safe so not restraining their behaviour to please others. But honestly, less fighting and arguing in our home would be quite nice! However, I do have an idea. When … Read more

Review: Mother God

Title: Mother God Author: Teresa Kim Pecinovsky Illustrator: Khoa Le Published by: Beaming Books Price: Available from Blackwells from £8.26 (March 2023) Good for: The pages are majority illustrations with small sections of text, so great for children aged 3 to 7, but I will be reading this with my children who are 9 and … Read more

Review of Comfort in Uncertain Times

Title: Comfort in uncertain times Author: Rachel Turner Cover illustrator: Rebecca J Hall Published by: BRF Price: RRP £8.99 Kindle edition also available Good for: parents of children age 3-12 years Best bit: I love Rachel’s re-tellings of these 15 Bible stories – you can hear her voice as you read them Worst bit: Because of … Read more

Review: How to Pray – A Guide for Young Explorers

Title: How to pray – a guide for young explorers Author: Pete Greig and Gemma Hunt Illustrator: Patrick Laurent Published by: Hodder Price: RRP £10.99 available from Eden for £8.36 Good for: Children, young people and adults age 7+ especially those who like visually interesting books and not big blocks of text Best bit: Brilliant internal design … Read more

Christmas Carol Bingo!


We’re planning to go to a carol service at the weekend, and I wondered how familiar my children would be with the songs, so I contacted the person in charge and asked what carols they would be singing. They sent me the list, saying that they hoped they wouldn’t get in trouble for sharing secrets!!! … Read more

Review: Abigail story book

Title: Abigail: a story book in the Mighty Girl, Mighty God series Author: Lucy Rycroft Illustrator: Andy Gray Published by: The Hope Filled Family Price: RRP £8.99 Good for: Families with children age 3-10 years old, childrens’ group where Bible stories are shared Best bit: I loved the combination of rollicking rhyme and detailed, expressive illustrations Worst bit: Rhyme is hard, and sometimes … Read more